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18th Apr - Dear JV's We Are Coming With An Amazing Product!


"Proven Software & Video Training That Will Help ANY Newbie To Generate High Quality Traffic & Sales. Backed By 100% Real Results & A Perfect Fit For You and Your Subscribers."

Think of Helping Your Subscribers With A Useful Training & Tool, Which Will Make Their Lives Easier & Business Grow Faster!
Club This SUPER Converting Sales Copy And Funnel, And You Get One Heck Of A Promotion.

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Launch Starts On:



  • Sunday, 19th April
  • 09:00 AM Eastern Time

Launch Ends On:



  • Thursday, 23rd April
  • 11:59 PM Eastern Time


Generate easy commissions online by generating high quality targeted traffic.

App (Traffic Software): New cloud app re-assembles existing videos & turns them into free traffic magnets in 3 minutes...

  • Videos Rank Easily & Fast
  • Videos Bring In Passive Traffic
  • Video Traffic Is Free & Super Targeted
  • You Can Send Unlimited Traffic to ANY Offer
  • Buyer Traffic Directly to Your Affiliate Link
  • This Works In Any Niche ñ Not Just IM/MMO
  • Internet Retirement App will go and spy on Bing Traffic campaigns that are already profitable for others and allow you to reverse engineer and copy their benefits with ease and automatically.
  • You can just import them into your account and start seeing results.
  • Generate Quality Traffic At The Lowest Cost Possible!
  • How to discover profitable sub-niches
  • How to determine if sub-niche is evergreen
  • How to quickly create products
  • How to package products for success
  • How to quickly create sales letters
  • How to get free blog traffic
  • How to use Bing Ads to get traffic

Does This Software + Training Work?

Take A Look At These Proofs & Software Demo In Action:


Complete Sales Funnel Highly Compliments The Front End

Upgrade 1

 10 Done-For-You

These are 10 completely done-for-you products ready to be activated and sold.

What's included:

  • 10 high-quality products
  • 10 professional-grade sales letters
  • 10 websites already set up and ready to go (website created, sales pages uploaded and ready to accept orders, payment processor ready to process payments).

The only thing required is product activation (and that only takes a few minutes!)

Upgrade 2

List Building System

This is a unique and dead-simple way to automatically create email lists full of red-hot buyers. It’s not like any other list building method you’ve ever seen.

It's pure auto-pilot profits... complete with DONE FOR YOU email templates that you can "plug-in-play" to see results faster and easier than ever before!

AND... you don't have to create squeeze pages, optin-boxes, or freebies.

  • You do not have to create optin boxes
  • You do not have to create landing pages
  • You do not have to create content to give away in excchange for emails
  • You do not have to buy solo ads or Facebook ads (there's NO paid advertising at all)
  • You do not have to drive traffic AT ALL to build your list with this system

It's fast and uber-easy to set up.

And, once it's set up, your work is done... the system automatically builds a list of proven buyers you can sell to over and over again.

Making money has NEVER been this easy!

Upgrade 3

Reseller Package

Sell Internet Retirement System 07 High Converting Funnels as your own product
And keep 100% Profits for yourself.

  • Make Up To $498 Per Sale
  • Resellers License To Commission Hotshot
  • Resellers License To 5 Additional Funnels
  • All Promo Material

Upgrade 4

45+ WSOTD Products

Get your hands on every single product TEAM BLACK BELT released since 2015 that got a Warrior+ DOTD Award or the JVZoo POTD Award! This includes multiple traffic formulas, sales making strategies and even software!

Upgrade 5

High-Ticket System

Most marketers think creating "premium" products takes months of hard work. They think in order to charge the BIG BUCKS, you have to create in-depth courses with slick, complicated, hour-long, Hollywood quality videos. Well, they're wrong.

Even if you've never created a video in your life... you can still create a short and simple, bare-bones video course, in less than a day or twousing nothing but free tools, and sell it for $97, $197, $297 or more! In this business expanding system, I show you exactly how to do it.

Here are just a few of the powerful secrets you'll discover inside this unique training program...

  • A simple 6-step formula generates high-quality, high-ticket video courses in 48 hours or less.
  • How to use the "lazy marketer's shortcut" to get killer content for your videos for FREE.
  • How you should structure the videos in your high-ticket courses so that they are clear, easy to follow, and satisfying to your customers.
  • A free and easy-to-use website for creating slick, professional-looking video presentations.
  • 3 top-notch solutions for recording and editing your videos.
  • Where to upload your newly created videos so that they can be easily accessed and watched by your customers.
  • A secret 3-step method for creating "Membership" pages on simple WordPress websites.

Upgrade 6

High Ticket "Oil Wells"

We've put together an AMAZING collection of HIGH TICKET FUNNELS you can use to make sales of $100 and more.

These funnels are completely done for you and feature a front-end product and a high-ticket upsell product designed to maximize sales and skyrocket your profits.

You can add these 100% done-for-you, cash-gushing "oil wells" to your order for only a small investment right now.

These done for you high ticket funnels were designed to produce big-money paydays and skyrocket profits made from your own personal Internet Marketing Retirement System.

If you would like to blast your cash-making abilities into the stratosphere, these 100% done for you funnels are a MUST HAVE.

WIN $3,000+

Main Launch Contest

(Mar 18th, 09:00 AM EST - Mar 22nd,  Midnight EST)

ATTENTION – We're hosting an Affiliate Contest (based on Total Sales) with $3000 in Cash Prizes!

The Leaderboard will be promoted on Art's personal Facebook profile with 4500+ IM friends & to my 2000+ affiliate email list to give you a TON of exposure as a Top Affiliate!


*NOTE: Up To 2 In Teams Allowed. Teams must be informed before the launch goes live.

*1st Main Contest prize has a 100 sales minimum. 2nd and 3rd prizes have no minimums. If the 1st Affiliate/Team doesn't send the required minimum sales, they will get the 2nd prize, and the Affiliate/Team on the 2nd spot will get the 3rd prize etc... A prize can't be bigger than 50% of the total revenue generated by an affiliate.

Plus Mid-Launch
Surprise Contests

Surprise contests will be announced during the launch

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