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  • You don’t need any experience
  • You don’t need SEO or social media
  • You don’t have to write endless blog posts
  • You don’t have to do content marketing
  • You don’t have to talk to anyone
  • You don’t have to cold-call or cold-email anyone
  • You don’t have to build a list
  • You don’t have to conduct live webinars
  • You don’t have to do product launches
  • You don’t have to use sales funnels
  • You don’t have to recruit an army of affiliates
  • You don’t need to buy any additional software

From The Desk Of:

Ready For Something REAL?

If You’re Tired Of Lining The Pockets Of Internet Marketing "Gurus" With Your Hard-Earned Money… If You’re Tired Of The Promises, The Disappointments, And The Struggle To Make A Single Dollar Online… And You’re Now Ready To Make Money For REAL... With A Simple, Proven, LONG-TERM System That's Been Working For Years And Will Work For Years To Come... Then This Will Be The Most Exciting Message You Ever Read…

Now you can legally copy the “secret” passive income system that has fueled my financially free internet lifestyle for over 12 years now… and continues to make money for me today. Simple, passive, and long-term. That’s what it’s all about.

Josh Bedink

I was initially skeptical, but Will’s system works. And it’s incredibly fast and easy to use.  Plus, it can set me up for long-term profits. Not too many “make-money methods” sold today can do that. I finally found something that I actually believe in. Thanks, Will!

Josh Bedink Beavercreek, Ohio

If You Listen To The Internet
Marketing "Gurus"...

They all make it seem like you need to have complicated software, or that you need to start your own marketing agency, or that you need to publish a thousand cheap books on Amazon Kindle in order to achieve the financial freedom you desire.

Nope. Not at all. All you need is your trusty PC, Laptop or Smart Device and you can quickly implement the same easy system that’s been making me consistent, reliable income for years.

And this system works for anyone, anywhere. You could be in Ohio, California, Canada, Australia, or India. You could be in your home office, on your couch, at the beach, or lounging in your local local craft brewery.

Best of all, it creates passive income streams that run quietly in the background, providing you with steady, predictable, reliable income day after day, month after month, year after year, like Swiss precision clockwork. All you have to do is repeat the EXACT same simple formula I lay out in my course.  This is how I created my own passive “internet retirement system” that allows me to live my life as I please… and it could do the same for you.

But It Wasn't Always Good Times For Me... Before My Internet Marketing "Retirement," I Spent Most Of My Time (And Money) Chasing Bright Shiny Objects...

I'm a self-confessed internet marketing junkie.

For years, I bought countless ebooks, video courses, software, and coaching programs.

Why? Because I had a job I hated.

I felt depressed, "stuck." I didn't want to wait until I was 65 to have fun.

I wanted to be home, go to Little League with my kids, go fishing - so I was searching, always searching for an "opportunity" that actually worked. Most of what I spent my hard-earned money on was useless. Silly. Insulting. Or too complicated and difficult. Or required risking lots of money.

I remember thinking then; if I ever actually stumbled across anything that was 'real,' I'd tell the world.

Well, I eventually did discover something ‘real.” Something that changed my life forever.

Something unique and effective, but NOT complicated, difficult, or expensive. Something that allowed me to “retire” early, be with my kids, go fishing, go on vacations, pay off bills, save for college, and just basically do what I want to do.

And that’s why I’m telling you about my system.

So you can experience the same amazing lifestyle that I live today.

The Internet Retirement System

How To Have Your Own Passive, Long-Term Internet Marketing "Retirement" System Making Money Day And Night, Running Virtually On Auto-Pilot, While You Live Your Life The Way YOU Want!

Includes 100% Cloud Based Traffic Generating APP & 100% Completely Done For You Internet Marketing Products So You Can Begin Generating Job-Killing Income As Quickly As Possible!

Jeff Mallue

I was never able to settle on any one method or system. I was always bouncing around from one product to another, never really focusing on anything for long enough to make it work. However, with Will’s Internet Marketing Retirement System, I’ve finally found something I’m going to stick with. I want to “retire” young, too! Cheers!

Jeff Mallue Louisville, Kentucky

All You Need To Do Is "Activate" Your Done-For-You Money-Making Products, Log Into The 100% Cloud Based App, Follow A Few Easy Step-By-Step Instructions, And You Could Be Seeing Results By This Afternoon...

And, what makes this retirement system even more amazing, is that you can do it quickly, easily, and without spending a dime!


  • You don’t need any experience (if you can tie your shoes, you can make this work!)…
  • You don’t need Google, Amazon, Facebook, or eBay…
  • You don’t need to buy any additional software…
  • You don’t have to use sales funnels…
  • You don’t have to build a list…
  • You don’t have to conduct live webinars…
  • You don’t have to talk to anyone…
  • You don’t have to cold-call or cold-email anyone, ever…
  • You don’t have to write a blog…
  • You don’t have to do content marketing…
  • You don’t have to do product launches…
  • You don’t have to recruit affiliates…

"This Secret Passive Income System Freed Me From My Lousy Job... Allows Me To Work Just A Few Hours A Day From The Comfort Of My Own Home... And Has Fueled My Financially Free Internet Lifestyle For More Than 12 Years!"

My Internet Retirement System is your complete step-by-step beginner-friendly program for creating short and simple digital assets you can easily sell in small, little-known, virtually competition-free subniches.

It’s easy. It’s proven. It works. And my course contains all “meat.” There’s no fluff. It’s all actionable content you can get started with fast... and see results TODAY! 

And best of all... I've done most of the hard work for you!  All you have to do is quickly "activate" the done-for-you products and then log into the Internet Retirement traffic App to get started making money almost immediately. It couldn't be faster and easier!

Update: Launch Price Period Ending Soon...

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Includes 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Matt Knipfer

The thing I love about Will’s Internet Marketing Retirement System is the simplicity. I don’t have to do all the “marketing” stuff that’s required by most systems. I don’t have to create a ton of content. I don’t have to do social media. I don’t have to cold call or cold email anyone. I can do it all from the comfort of my own home and all I need is my computer. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to experience the Internet Lifestyle for real!

Matt Knipfer Indianapolis, Indiana

Includes The One-Of-A-Kind, Ultra-Powerful, Breakthrough Internet Retirement App That Can Instantly Generate A Continuous, AUTO-PILOT Tsunami Of Laser-Targeted, Buy-Hungry, Profit-Erupting Traffic!

  • 100% Cloud Based App With Nothing To Install!
  • Easily Generate Proven BUYER Traffic With Just A Few Clicks!
  • Eliminates guesswork. You simply copy and paste the information the App provides into your Bing Ad campaigns. That's it!
  • Legally "Steals" The Profitable Traffic Campaigns Of Other Marketers Who Are Already Making Money!
  • Eliminates the need to test. You won't have to waste a dime before you start seeing positive results!
  • Works For ANYONE No Matter How Little Skill Or Experience You Possess!

In Just 3 Simple Steps The Internet Marketing APP Gives You All The Traffic You Need Without The Work!

The Internet Retirement App (legally) spies on highly profitable Bing Traffic campaigns so that you can effortlessly reverse engineer and automatically copy their proven results with absolute ease. Generating dirt-cheap, laser-targeted, proven profitable traffic has never been this easy!

It works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Name Your Campaign...
  2. Enter Your Keyword To Deliver Ads Proven To Convert...
  3. Enter Your Keyword Once Again To Instantly Deliver A List Of Highly Profitable Keywords...

That's it! You can now "plug-n-play" this information into your own Bing Ads campaign to generate a 24 hour a day stream of buyer traffic!

Use The Internet Retirement APP To Flood Your Internet Retirement Sites With Dirt-Cheap Traffic From By Legally "Stealing" The Winning Campaigns From Your Unsuspecting Competition!

See How Easy It Works In This Quick Software Demo:

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The Internet Retirement APP Taps Into One Of The Most Underused Traffic Sources Online To Deliver Your Internet Retirement Sites A Continuous River Of Dirt-Cheap, Highly-Targeted Buyer Traffic!

It's true. is one of the most popular search engines online. 6 BILLION people use it every single month. Yet very few marketers use it to generate traffic. That gives YOU a HUGE advantage and an amazing opportunity to funnel large amounts of the cheapest, easiest, most targeted traffic available online to any website you want.

  • is ideal because it’s NOT nearly as competitive as Google or Facebook. Very few marketers use Bing as their traffic source so that means more traffic for you! So don’t tell anyone! We want to keep it a secret.
  • Because isn’t as competitive as Google and Facebook, the traffic costs are ridiculously low. Seriously, you can get floods of buyer traffic for just pennies!
  • Bing Ads is far easier to use than Google or Facebook Ads. You can use the Internet Retirement App to get a traffic campaign up and running and delivering targeted traffic within 5 minutes! It’s that easy!

This Is The Kind Of Simple, Straightforward, Easy-to-use, Online Money-Making Program I Wish Was Available To Me When I First Started Trying To Make Money Online...

If I had access to this system when I first started it would have kept me from wasting years of my life and throwing thousands of dollars out the window chasing “bright shiny objects.”

But YOU don’t have to waste that much time and money.

In fact, you could start building your own Internet Marketing Retirement System TODAY.  It’s not hard. In fact, it’s relatively easy.

And it doesn't matter how old you are... it doesn't matter how little experience you have... it doesn't matter how many other systems or methods you've tried before... it doesn't matter how long you've been struggling to find success online... the Internet Retirement System can work for you!

Get The Picture? While Other Marketers Are Struggling... While Other People Are Stuck In Traffic On Their Way To Work... You Can Be At Home, In Your PJs, Making Money With Your Own Online Business!

This system works on virtual AUTO-PILOT.  It basically runs itself.   I only work a few hours a day so I have plenty of time to do the things I want.  I spend more time with my wife and kids.  I get out of bed when I want.  I go on vacations when I want.  I can work from anywhere in the world.  And I can teach you the same tricks, tactics, and marketing secrets to make your own Internet Retirement System work so that you can have the opportunity to live YOUR life the way YOU want, too.

Me working comfortably in my home office. YOU can too,
with my simple Internet Marketing Retirement system!

And best of all, you can get my entire Internet Retirement System for just $23.

I priced it at $23 for a reason. You see, most people must spend their entire lives working… slaving away, day after day, until they reach the old-age of 65 before they can retire and enjoy life.

So, during this short launch, I’m going to price my Internet Retirement System at only $23 (it will go up to $67 or more after the launch is over which is coming VERY soon) so it's accessible to ANYONE who wants to try and "retire" BEFORE the age of 65.

$23 is less than what you'd pay for 2 value meals at Chick-Fil-A! And it’s certainly less than what you'd pay for some complicated “Guru” software that spams people on Facebook.

Plus, included in the extremely low price of just $23, you get the following amazing bonuses for free…

Claim Your $1,255.00 In

FREE Bonus #1 When You Order TODAY:
Reveal-All Behind The Scenes Case Study Of One Of My Current Money-Making "Retirement" Products (Value $294)!

If you invest in the Internet Retirement System today, you'll also get an extensive, behind-the-scenes look at one of my current, successful Internet Marketing Retirement Systems for FREE!

In this unique case study I pull back the curtain and reveal everything about this passive, money-making system including:

  • The weird sub-niche it's in...
  • The product and the product website...
  • What the customer gets when they purchase...
  • How I drive the traffic to the product...
  • And more!

This is a system that is currently making money for me and I reveal it to you, absolutely free, if you get started today!

FREE Bonus #2 When You Order TODAY:
The FREE Facebook Traffic Method (Value $197)

Over 1.6 BILLION people log onto Facebook each and every day. That's an enormous pool of potential customers all gathered into ONE location you can tap into for rivers of highly-targeted, motivated, and eager traffic.

This Free Facebook Traffic method is fun, extremely simple, fast, and super-easy. I use it myself to drive buyer traffic to my products on a daily basis.

Use this traffic source and see for yourself just how powerful and profitable it can be.

FREE Bonus #3 When You Order TODAY:
A Top Secret, Almost Completely Unknown Traffic Source You Can Use To Generate As Much Buy-Hungry Traffic As Possible (Value $497)

This traffic source has been around for years... but NO ONE talks about it. I hesitated releasing it because I feel like I basically have it all to myself. That's why, if you get access to it, you have to promise me you won't share it with anyone else. Let's keep this traffic goldmine all to ourselves!

And this traffic source can be used with any offer, not just Internet Retirement Products. You can use it to promote affiliate products, CPA offers, Amazon affiliate offers, even offline marketing would work well with this traffic.


FREE Bonus #4 When You Order TODAY:
The Quick-Start Cash Maximizer Video (Value $267)

This is a "quick start" video to get you moving as fast as possible towards making "retirement" profits with the Internet Retirement System. In the easy-to-follow video I walk you through the fastest and most effective way to use the system to maximize your results so you can begin living the life you want now (NOT later).

If you want to get started making money TODAY, this video will show you how to do it!

These amazing bonuses were created specifically to help you make MORE money FASTER with the Internet Retirement System.  They are worth $1,255 and are yours absolutely FREE when you order today.

But please hurry because they may be removed at any time.

Now, these amazing bonuses are all yours when you invest in the Internet Retirement System today.

But that's not all...

Because I have 100% complete confidence in my system and its ability to turn almost anyone into a successful Internet Marketing Retiree… I’m making the following guarantee…

30-Day “You Don't Profit... You Don't Pay!” 100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee!

If at anytime in the next 30 days you aren’t making a profit… if you aren’t proudly telling your friends and family about your exciting new online business…  or if you are simply not satisfied with my Internet Retirement System in ANY way… just send me an email and I will quickly give you every dime of your money back.

No hassles.

No questions asked.

Plus, you can keep the Internet Retirement System even if you ask for a refund.

That means you have zero risk. And you can technically use everything free, if you want to.

Now, Why In The World Am I Willing To Give You These Amazing Money-Making Secrets For Just $10?

And Guarantee It For An Entire 30 Days?

Several reasons….

  1. There are literally thousands and thousands of sub-niches that can be mined for gold and used to fuel an Internet Lifestyle for decades. I could never dominate them all. So I don’t fear competition or saturation.
  2. And I want to give back to the internet marketing world for the wonderful life and the amazing freedom it has provided for me. And this price makes it absolutely affordable for ANYONE no matter what you’re budget is. It’s the price of a dinner for two at Chick-fil-A. It’s only ¾ of what gurus usually charge for their always disappointing “push-a-button-and-become-a-millionaire” software.

At the same time, you’ll see all the incredible value you receive in this system for just $10, you’ll be first in line for other products and services I offer. Maybe you’ll even work directly with me as a client or partner in the future.

This is an investment in you, because you’re worth it.

Now Let's Wrap This Up...

I have perfected a very unusual, long-term online business that focuses on providing pin-point, laser-targeted digital assets to eager, buy-hungry people in small, narrow, virtually competition-free sub-niches.

It’s the ideal online business because it’s fast and easy to get started, doesn’t require a budget or any prior experience, and basically runs on auto-pilot.

This system has helped provide me with amazing financial freedom and I firmly believe that YOU can learn and use my system, too.

The Internet Retirement System covers it all.  From start to finish. Nothing is left out. You even get 100% done for you products so most of the work is already done for you. All you have to do is sit back and profit.

You can turn your back on me now and forget everything I’ve told you – buy why? Maybe my system can be the missing road-map to a successful online business you’ve been looking for!  Find out now!

Look... If I Can Do This I KNOW YOU Can Too!

Won't you let me help you realize your dreams of financial independence?

Get started today!

Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

YES Will! I want to immediately access the Internet Retirement System With The Breakthrough Cloud Based Traffic Generating APP & 100% Done-For-Me Internet Retirement Products and the ,255.00 in FREE Bonuses. I understand this unique, breakthrough system will show me how to quickly and effortlessly begin making reliable, stable, LONG-TERM cash starting today!

I also know there's NO RISK! I have a FULL 30 days to try your unique and powerful system and see for myself just how powerful it really is. If, for ANY reason, I feel it isn't for me, I'll get every penny of my money back. No hassles. No questions.

Click the button below now to instantly access your copy of the Internet Retirement System, Traffic Generating APP, 100% Done For You Products, and Exclusive Bonuses...

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I can't promise that you will make money with my system or any other program. The fact is, most people who invest in home-based business programs don't put them into action and end up with zero results. However, I can and DO guarantee that you will be satisfied with my Internet Marketing Retirement System. If you're not satisfied I will provide you with a full, no questions asked refund. You have nothing to lose. It's a very fair deal.

Take care and best of luck,

Art, Pallab, Ram & Will
Email: Contact Me

P.S. As my grandmother said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn’t work. So, if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you’ll be in the same place next week (or even next month or next YEAR).”  So why not get started NOW! Why put success off for another day? The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin making money!

Look, I know you don't want to have to wait to see success. I know you’re tired of chasing promises made by shady “gurus” who only care about lining their pockets with your hard-earned money.  That’s why I’m offering my quick and easy Internet Retirement System for such a low price.  And why I’m guaranteeing it for 30 days. It works wonders for me and for many others. I KNOW it can work for you, too. Act now and you can start making profits by this afternoon! Order now!

P.P.S. This is the first launch of this powerful system, and because of that, this amazing "Retirement" price of $10 will end in just a few days. After that the price will rise dramatically. If you’re even on the fence about this, go ahead and invest the $10 now. If you wait, if you put it off, you’ll end up having to pay more and you'll be kicking yourself for blowing the chance to save BIG while you had the opportunity.  Click the button above to take advantage of this very short-lived discount now while you still can!

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