The Internet Retirement Philosophy

In a nutshell, our philosophy at the is this: Invest in Internet Marketing products and services that actually provide value and that can help solo marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners achieve the near universal goal of working less and living more. You see, at IRS, we believe most marketers invest way too much time and way too much money in “shiny objects” that don’t actually produce results. So our mission is to show you how to avoid these overhyped products and how to avoid what the average online marketer is doing. We believe you can make a lot of money online –  and do it safely – by simply doing the opposite of what is most popular. But we cover much more of the day-to-day opportunities we see in the world of online business and opportunity. We’re also committed to sharing with you the best money-making ideas… strategies, tips, and tactics that will help you quickly, safely, and steadily build a job-replacing income online.

About William (Site Owner/Full-Time Online Marketer For Over A Decade)

William is a full-time, work from home internet marketer, affiliate, consultant, web designer, product creator and Founding Editor of  He believes that you don’t have to spend a fortune online to make a fortune. Since starting online over a decade ago, he has created several six-figure product launches, made over $4,000.00 in a single day, and has entered and prospered in more than a handful of different online markets and niches.  He has now dedicated himself to helping others achieve their goals online by finding, testing, and then recommending only those products, tools, and services that provide real results. Since starting, he has helped thousands of marketers, solo entrepreneurs, and small business owners improve their online marketing to generate reliable, consistent, life-changing profits.

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